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I just got my SAT score back and I jumped from a 1387 to a 1490, which puts me in the 98.91 percentile! Thanks to JBP, I'll be eligible for scholarships at all my top-choice colleges. Going through their program will save me thousands in tuition.
Ruth Hailu - Omaha

John Baylor and his enthusiastic approach changed the climate and culture in our school with regards to taking the ACT. It has become a test at which our students believe they can and will excel. We began using John Baylor Prep for our class of 2016 when they were juniors. Our scores have risen from 20.2 for the class of 2015, 22.41 for the class of 2016, and to 24.25 for the class of 2017. The results speak for themselves.
Wade Johnson - Principal/Activities Director Warren/Alvarado/Oslo High School

Just wanted to let you know some of the impact your test prep had for our students. The average ACT score for an East Butler student went up from a 20.4 in 2013 to a 23.6 in 2014. That is 1.9 points above the state average and 2.6 points above the national average. It's a good time to be a Tiger. Thanks for contributing to the success of our students.
Sam Stecher, Superintendent - East Butler Public Schools

“I like to say that we changed something,” Springfield High School Principal Patrick Moriarty told the Board of Education. “The thing that we changed is that we used John Baylor Prep.” SHS’ ACT score rose 2.1 points after implementing JBP.
Patrick Moriarty - Springfield High School, MN

Over two-thirds of my students had a score increase of 3 or more points, with a few going up as much as 7 points. Everyone increased in at least one sub-category, some by as much as 10 points!
Sara Godwin - Teacher Deer Park HS, OH

Love the students' ability after each session to take quizzes that provide possible ACT score. Great immediate and appropriate feedback.
Kathy Mahannah - West Point HS (NE)

Using the JBP Program changed the culture of our school! The results are even better than I believed possible!
Dr. Julia Espe - Superintendent Princeton Public Schools

I started my teaching career with the support of the John Baylor Prep program, and it has made all the difference in my ability to help my students prepare for the ACT. JBP has allowed me to work smarter and not harder in my teaching. Of all the ACT test prep programs I've used, it's easily my favorite because of the results it produces when the exam scores come back.
Derrick Ford, ACT Prep Teacher - Livingston Central HS, Kentucky

Implementing John Baylor Test Prep with our entire junior class was one of the best decisions we made in order to prepare our students for the statewide adoption of the ACT. We slightly adjusted our school day in order to allow time for daily prep lessons. The data speaks for itself. Our students improved upon their predicted ACT score by an average of 2.5 points. We could not be happier with this program and will continue to use it every year to put our students in the best possible position for success.
David Moody, Principal - Westfield Area High School, WI

With a third of our students jumping their ACT score 3 points or more, we have definitely seen that students who apply themselves with this program see improvement.
Kevin Shelton, Principal, Johnsburg HS (IL) - Principals Association President, 2013-2014 and 2012 High School Principal of the Year - IL

We just received our ACT information for the district. Our district average was 23.8. That is 2.3 better than last year and way better than the state average. It has taken some time, but we are developing that culture. We were chosen by the REL research institute as a top performing school for closing the achievement gap over the past 3 years. We were one of 5 schools total in a 10 state area to achieve this. We were also named a top school by US News and World Report and Newsweek Magazine. I truly believe John Baylor Prep helps our kids.
Patty Novicki - Principal, Plainview HS

I scored a 34 which is 6 points more than my previous ACT! I took your JBP class, and I truly believe it played a huge part in my success! Thank you very much for changing my life!!
Max Regester - Council Bluffs Lewis Central HS 2016

I just got a 34 on English! #hammeredthatgrammar! I am so thankful for your program. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Skye S - Crystal Lake, IL

We brought JBP to Wayne High School in 2010. We had 12 students out of 55 score a 30 or higher in 2014. Our school's annual ACT average is up about 1.5 points from where we were before JBP. One of our students score jumped 7 points as a result of taking JBP, earning a full tuition scholarship.
Mark Lenihan, Superintendent - Wayne Community Schools (NE)

John Baylor Prep gives our students key pointers that clear up what they can actually do to be prepared to attack the ACT. The Strategies make sense to our students and their confidence is increased, and ACT scores are increasing!
Rusty Kluender - Principal, Broken Bow Schools

I feel that the JBP course is a must for all students planning to take college entrance exams. Eleven BBHS students scored a 30 or higher in the seven years prior to implementing the JBP course, whereas twenty-four students scored a 30 or higher in the seven years following implementation. Prior to JBP, BBHS consistently scored at the national average, which is below the state average. Following implementation of JBP, BBHS consistently has scored at or above the state average, thanks to an overall increase of about 2 points. My own daughter increased her ACT score by 7 points after taking the JBP course.
Ken Kujath - Principal, Broken Bow High School, 2006-2013, and Fairbury High School, 2001-2005

I just retired. John Baylor Prep is one of the best things we ever did at Lake Mills.
Daryl Sherman - Lake Mills, Iowa School Superintendent for 21 years

One of our students took the ACT three times before she did John Baylor Prep. Her composite scores were 28, 27, and 28, very good solid scores. She took the ACT one more time AFTER she did John Baylor Prep and scored a whopping 32! This score ensured her acceptance at a very selective university of her choice.
Lanny Carpenter - Counselor, Marysville High School, KS

JBP is empowering our students. Students who attended the ACT Academy experienced an average increase of 2.2 points. One senior increased his ACT score by 7 points. Another senior gained 4 points, which in turn increased the scholarship amount she received from her university of choice.
Karen Sargent - Curriculum & Instruction, Arcadia Valley R-2 Schools, MO

Just wanted to let you know how excited we were to get our son's ACT test score. He had taken it twice: first time 16, second time 15. He just received a 25 on the ACT. Thank you John Baylor Prep.
Rod and Julie Moon - parents of student from O'Neill St. Mary's High School, 2014

The year before JBP we had one junior score a 30 or higher; 22 juniors now have a 30 or higher.  Back then our school's average ACT score was 20.0.  Now it's 22.1.  Over just three years, John Baylor Prep has helped our ACT scores and changed our culture--  a lot.
Dr. Dan Bertrand - Superintendent, Marengo Community Schools, Marengo, Illinois

We have offered John Baylor Prep to our students for several years. While the average scores for the whole group have increased by approximately 2 points, we have had students increase their score by 10! Since this program has been in place for our school, more and more students are taking the course before testing for the first time because they have heard from their friends that it works. If a student will really prepare and do the things that John tells them to do, they will find this preparation well worth their time.
Angie Huseman, HS Principal - Tri-Center HS

“The John Baylor Prep program has improved ACT scores across the country and more specifically within ESU #1. Our principals and guidance counselors have noticed a significant jump in school-wide ACT scores after implementing JBP. Beyond meeting that critical need, John Baylor Prep has also provided training to our schools with a blueprint of specific ideas to support college readiness and a model on how to motivate and support the needs of specific student populations in ESU #1. These resources support the ESU #1 vision of providing innovation, leadership, and service to our school districts. We are thankful for our strong partnership with JBP and its powerful impact upon increased student achievement.”
Bob Uhing - Educational Service Unit #1

There's probably nothing academically enriching that you're going to do that's any better for your students than John Baylor Prep.
Dave Barrett, Principal - Adams Central High School

A student asked me for some helpful hints to increase her English ACT score on the October ACT. After watching all of the JBP English videos, including the grammar vignettes, she was able to increase her English score four points which led to a three point increase to her composite score! I will certainly use John Baylor Prep because the increase in scores is significant.
Michelle Dillon - Madison Comprehensive High School -- Ohio

The Muscatine Schools/John Baylor Prep relationship has been very productive for our students. The product and services provided are always excellent and John Baylor made the program fit our needs. I highly recommend you consider using John Baylor, as I have seen outstanding results for students.
Bill Decker, Superintendent - Muscatine Community School District

Our students have seen immediate impact. This is it. This is the program that works for us.
Doug Kittle, Principal - Aurora High School

We’ve seen very good results from prepping our students through the JBP 12-session online course. The 27 sophomores and juniors who took the April ACT averaged 24.5 and all were JBP grads. As important as the scores are, I also appreciate what John has helped us do in terms of creating a college-going culture at Platteview. What he shares about the importance of education after high school is every bit as important as the actual ACT prep.
John Stanton, Counselor - Platteview High School

Starting with a 27, John Baylor Prep is the reason I finally achieved my 31 ACT score! I've received full tuition scholarships from public universities and private colleges across Nebraska and I'm now able to choose a school without worrying about the price!
Brooke Ludemann - Miss Nebraska's Outstanding Teen 2011 North Platte

This is the fourth group of students who have been enrolled in the John Baylor Prep Program, and we are really happy with how the students have responded. We are also happy that it has created a systematic approach which helps our students more fully prepare for the ACT. This year's seniors have already experienced a 1.3 pt growth in the class composite score from April 2011 to October 2011. Senior averages: English 24.19, Math 23.24, Reading 24.43, Science 23.1, Composite 23.86
Dan Bird, Superintendent - Burwell Public Schools

JBP is absolutely dynamic, purpose driven, and important to students! Our school has witnessed a significant overall rise in ACT scores well above national standards. Lincoln Christian has produced National Merit finalists, semi-finalists, and commended scholars. Over sixty percent of last year’s seniors scored between 24 - 33 on the ACT. This year’s senior class percentage is even higher! My own daughter witnessed a six point jump in her ACT score as a result of JBP. Hello scholarship money! I highly recommend John Baylor Prep!
Lori Ludwig, Secondary School Counselor - Lincoln Christian School

Our school average some years has been below 20. With JBP now, we don’t have even a single junior with a score below 20. I’m a believer.
Marlyn Washburn, Principal - Red Cloud High School

I think the whole John Baylor program is amazing! My school bought it for us,and we watched the videos in class. All the tips and tricks he taught us really helped me to feel totally prepared for yesterday. Thanks again!
Courtney Herriges - Kewaskum High School (WI)

Our students’ ACT test scores and motivation to improve their scores have changed thanks to JBTP. On average, our ACT test score shows a 2.3 point increase in just one year over the previous year’s score, and our current year average is 2 points higher than our best average score in the past five years. We anticipate even higher scores in the years to come thanks to your program. We are believers because JBP has helped not only our scores but our culture as well.
P.J. Quinn, Principal - Mead High School

Any School District would be crazy not to try JBP.
Kent Miller, Superintendent - Sandy Creek Schools