One On One Testimonials

Macey had already taken the ACT once when we signed up for John Baylor Prep and as a result we were aware of her weaknesses which were science and English. Macey improved her English score six points from 25 to a 31 and her science score an amazing 10 points from a 25 to a 35. Her overall score increased by 3 points. We are very happy with our investment in John Baylor Prep!
Scott, Tammy & Macey Wiebe - Lincoln, NE

I just got my SAT score back and I got a 1490, which puts me in the 98.91 percentile! Thanks to JBP, I'll be eligible for scholarships at all my top-choice colleges. Going through their program will save me thousands in tuition.
Ruth Hailu - .

Guess who got her goal of a 30 on the October ACT? I jumped 4 points from my last test. Because my ACT score got so much better, I ended up getting free tuition for four years! Woo! Liz, thanks so much for your help, I couldn’t have done it without you!
Hannah Ronnau - Norris High School, class of 2014

JBP’s class and One-on-One tutoring helped our son get the score he needed. They were extremely accommodating in a last minute crises.
Debbie Graeber, Mother of Steven - Millard North High School, 2013

Our daughter Makenzie Petersen enrolled in John Baylor's Platinum Plan. The plan paid off big time! How? Her ACT score jumped 4 points. She has been accepted to every college she has applied to and all have offered generous scholarships. Ultimately, she received a full ride to an excellent engineering college! We invested a little more than $5,000. Mak received $120,000. We learned so much from him and his staff. Funny. Because we thought we knew how to do this on our own. Even with what we know now, we will be putting our son in the Platininum Plan. Thank you Mr. Baylor (or John)! Words cannot appropriately express our gratitude!
Andrea - Mother of Makenzie

“I qualified for a National Merit Scholarship from the PSAT!! Thank you for helping me prepare for the test!! It paid off!”
Hannah - Class of 2015, Lincoln, NE

Thank you so much for your help with the ACT. I learned to understand the test, not just the material that would be on it. Thanks for the 4-point jump!
Jacquie Arant - Westside High School, 2011