In Person Testimonials


I joined the "5 point jump club." I improved my score from a 23 to a 28!
Emma Larson - Bellevue West '2017

I took your class at Westside this summer, and my score jumped from 27 to 33! 6 point jump! And grammar was one of my best! Thank you so much for everything you taught me!
Scholar - Westside High School, 2016

My daughter took the ACT twice and scored a very good 29 both times. I then had her go through the John Baylor Prep course. She increased her score by 5 points to a 34! She said that the course definitely made a difference. I just wanted to say thank you for helping my daughter increase her score significantly.
Mr. John Bisbee - father of a Kearney High class of 2016 student

JBP raised my score from a 27 to a 33; hello better financial assistance, scholarships, and colleges. If you put in the effort and follow the JBP plan with the utmost focus, you can do great things. I can't thank you enough JBP.
Patrick Render - Omaha Central High School, class of 2017

Both times I took your class my score improved three points.
Kai Johnson - Omaha Burke High School, 2017

I just got my SAT score back and I jumped from a 1387 to a 1490, which puts me in the 98.91 percentile! Thanks to JBP, I'll be eligible for scholarships at all my top-choice colleges. Going through their program will save me thousands in tuition.
Ruth Hailu - Omaha

I don't think I would have been able to get my 31 without JBP! I definitely consider going to your classes as one of the highlights of my first semester of my senior year. I can not thank you enough!
Vanessa Whitmore - David City Aquinas High School, '2015

JBP has raised my overall score five points.
In-Person Student - Nicole Bakenhus - Lincoln East, 2015

After taking the JBP ACT Prep course multiple times, I have raised my ACT score from a 23 to a 35; I am a National Merit Semi-Finalist. John's intimate understanding of these tests is invaluable. Pay attention, work hard, and be ready for a huge score jump!
Turner Eakins - Millard North HS, 2016

The JBP class got me from a 25 to a 30 on my ACT!
Augustine Reimers - Seward HS, 2016

I feel the JBP ACT class really helped me to reach the next level, and I learned so much,and some of it is even helping me in my school classes. Thank you John Baylor, and I wanted to let you know that I joined the five-point jump club. My scores rose from a 26 to a 31.
Mazie Larsen - Gretna High School, class of 2018

With 100% of our students taking the ACT, our average is 22.2, just 0.1 lower than the last year only our college-bound students took it (when only 55% took the ACT). This is the first time we have ever been over 22 since then— a great conversation piece with our community. Thanks JBP— looking forward to your helping us with the SAT.
Kevin Shelton - Principal Johnsburg HS Former Illinois State Principal of the Year

Thank you JBP for the difference you've made in our four children’s lives! You empower kids to think bigger and push to improve their lives through hard work and smart strategies, giving them skills that serve them the rest of their lives. Thanks for using your gifts to positively impact the lives of others.
Laura and David Mussman (parents of Ian, Ruby, Grace & Noah) - NE

Thank you so much for your class and everything you have taught me! You helped me get the score I wanted; I can't thank you enough!
Pilar Ahmann - Millard North HS, 2015

JBP has raised my overall score five points. It raised my English score 8 points, my Math score 5 points, my Reading score 4 points, and my Science score 3 points. I really appreciate all the knowledge I gained from your courses and am proud to have joined the 5-point jump club. Thank you.
Nicole Bakenhus - Lincoln East, 2015

I took your class at Westside this summer, and my score jumped from 27 to 33! 6 point jump! And grammar was one of my best! Thank you so much for everything you taught me!
A JBP Scholar - Westside HS, class of 2016

Both of my kids are poster children for why it's important to take the test multiple times. Thanks to JBP, my son increased his score by 8 points and my daughter by 6 points since first taking the test (prior to taking John's class).
Colleen McCoy - Omaha

Thank you John Baylor Prep for the SAT/PSAT prep-- our son Sam just received notification that he is a National Merit Finalist!
Patty Bohart, mother of Sam - Mount Michael High School, NE

I jumped 3 points in Reading, 5 points in Math, 6 points in English, and 10 points in Science! All together I jumped 6 points. Because of JBP I can now go to college with a large amount of scholarship money. Thanks!
Anna Carnazzo - Papillion La Vista High School, 2015

My son completed the JBP program just before the December ACT and raised his score 5 points! He received the Regents full-tuition scholarship at the University of Nebraska Omaha. JBP was totally worth the investment!
Stephanie Conley - mother of Eryk, Papillion LaVista HS, 2014

Our son, took the ACT "cold" to establish a baseline score. He then took the John Baylor Prep Course in person and raised his score 5 points, to a 32-- a great investment!
Mr. Tom Helphill, father of Clay - Concordia Lutheran 2016

Our son's ACT score went up a whopping 5 points after taking John's class! Our son found John's approach entertaining as well as educational, and John's desire to help students is inspirational and authentic. John's prep class is absolutely money well spent.
James Foxall, father of Ethan - Brownell Talbot 2016

I just got my SAT score back and I jumped from a 1387 to a 1490, which puts me in the 98.91 percentile! Thanks to JBP, I'll be eligible for scholarships at all my top-choice colleges. Going through their program will save me thousands in tuition.
Ruth Hailu - Omaha

I went from a 26 to a 30, giving me ample scholarship opportunities! Thanks to you I got a free ride! THANK YOU JBP!
Bree Ackermann - Lincoln Pius X, 2014

My September score was a 26. My post JBP score on the December ACT was a 32!!! Thank you so much JBP!
Bailee Sobotka - Lincoln East, 2015

After taking your ACT prep class, my score jumped 7 points! Your testing techniques and teaching helped tremendously. Thanks John Baylor!
Carly Olsen - Millard West, 2014

I took the John Baylor class and went from a 29 to a 34!
Joe Manning - Concordia High School 2016

JBP taught Mary exactly what to expect from the ACT, giving her the confidence to score a 34. Mary has been offered a full-tuition Regents Scholarship at UNL and a full-tuition scholarship at Iowa State. I would highly recommend JBP to any student who wants to maximize his or her ACT score. Thank you for helping my daughter rock the ACT!
Lanny Boswell - father of Mary - Lincoln East HS/LPS Science Focus Program, 2014

I joined the 6-point jump club! Thank you JBP!
Kelsey - Millard North High School, 2014

I just received my September test scores. I had taken the ACT twice, and both times I received a 23. After taking JBP, I got a 27.
Jackson Deterding - Pius X High School, 2014

I received my ACT scores, and I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for your class!! I had a score of 27 previously and could not make it move to save my life, but I got a 30 on the September test!! Thank you SOOOO much!
Grace Niemeier - Friend High School, 2014

I was able to increase my score by 6 points to 31 and my super score by 7 points to a 32.
Lincoln Southwest HS student - class of 2015

I went from a 21 in October to a 28 on the April test-- hello 7-point-jump-club! I could have never done it without JBP!
KayLee Flower - Elkhorn South High School, 2014

JBP's grammar rules allowed me to jump my English from a 30 to a 36; I had 20 minutes to spare on the English section because I went so fast!
Nick Flaxbeard - Millard North HS, 2014

My first composite ACT score was a 28, and after taking John Baylor Prep I received a composite score of 34. Thank you JBP!
Jonah Schmidt - Norris HS, 2012

After JBP, Joel's score jumped 4 points to a 35. He has been awarded a full-tuition scholarship and has been accepted at the prestigious Raikes School at UNL.
Mr. James Mohrmann - father of Joel, Ashland-Greenwood HS, '2013

I took your ACT prep class, and my score went up 6 points. I went from a 25 to a 31! Before I took your class I couldn't even dream of getting a 31. Now I have so much confidence in myself! I can't even express how grateful I am.
Molly Hoffman - Skutt High School, 2012

I had an ACT score of 22. After JBP, I had a 27-- and later a 28. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to succeed at the test. With a 28, I have a great chance at getting into the UNL's Honors Program. Thank you very much.
Jacob Anstey - Cedar Bluffs HS, 2013

Your class helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I love the way you taught your class. You helped my lightbulb click on in my head. I went from a 25 composite to a 30. My biggest jump was in English: I went from a 21 to a 31. JBP is awesome. Keep up the great work!
Allison - Papillion-LaVista South High School '2013'

I started with a 24 and after twice taking the JBP course, jumped to a 30. I got my UNO full-tuition Regents Scholarship. Thank you so much. You changed my life!
Nick Lassek - Elkhorn High School, 2013

I recently took the JBP ACT Prep Course at Westside for the April ACT and saw a huge jump in my score. I went from a 27 to 31 with an improvement of 9 Points (25-34) in English. Thank you for lowering the cost of my future college.
Tanner Evans - Gretna High School '2013

I JUMPED FROM A 25 TO A 32-- proud member of the 7 point jump club. I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me! Hello scholarships!
Rob Truman - Millard South High School, 2013

Both of my children took JBP prior to taking the ACT for the 2nd or 3rd time. My son's composite increased from a 28 to a 32 and my daughter's from a 30 to a 34. (My daughter had taken it twice before, scoring a composite 30 each time.) As a result both have been offered higher scholarships. Thank you.
Pam Thielen - Mom of 2011 DC West grad and 2012 Elkhorn South grad

My daughter's score jumped six points on the ACT test following her JBP ACT Prep course.
Mrs. Shelley Zurek, Mother of Nicole - Millard West High School, 2013

Eric improved by 3 points - huge jumps in both English and Reading!! THANK YOU - great investment!!
Penny Watermeier, mother of Eric - Lincoln East HS, 2013

My score jumped 5 points, and now I am eligible for many schools and scholarships. Thank you!
Marissa Gigantelli - Omaha Westside, 2013

Because of your class, I was able to get an ACT score better than I ever imagined. I scored a 35 on the October ACT! Thank you for your dedication to improving students' scores. I'm a real-life example of how your course works.
Deidre Sandall - Blair High School, 2013

Allie improved her score from a 27 to a 32. That is a five point jump from your class. You know how to motivate. Thank you.
Mr. Greg Curttright, father of Allie - Papillion-LaVista HS '2013

After taking your class, I go a 33 on my ACT. Previously, I had a 28. Thank you for the extra $2000 - $8000 a year I'll be saving. I am ecstatic.
Kaleb Wulf - Millard West High School, 2011

I raised my score from a 23 to a 27 and even jumped 8 points in reading! I would recommend this class to anyone.
Margaret Altman - Omaha Mercy HS, 2013

Thank you so much for helping jump my score from a 27 to a 31. I appreciate how fun and tough your class was. It was the best $330 my parents spent. I have to pay for my own college, and this score of 31 helps my chances a lot for scholarships.
Brock Lewis - Seward HS, '2012

I had a composite score of 25, and after JBP, I scored a 31. I scored well above my goal of a 28.
Jacob Greenwood Norris HS, 2012 - Norris HS, 2012

I LOVED THIS CLASS!!! Thank you so much!!! I got a 20 my first time taking it; then I took JBP, and I got a 25!!! I got a 30 on my English section which is crazy because my English is horrible!!! :) I love the grammar rules: they really saved me!! Thank you sooooo much!
Nikki Kollars - Arlington High School, 2012

I got a 33 on my ACT, which is a 5 point jump from the first time I took the ACT. JBP obviously made a huge difference.
Meghan Senne - Southwest HS, 2012

My second SAT score increased by 180 pts. I went up from a 2020 to a 2200. (1) Reading increased by 90 pts from 590 to 680. –I felt more confident especially on vocab section. (2) Math went down 10 pts from 760 to 750. "carelessness not cluelessness" (3) Writing went up 100 pts from 670 to 770. –The organized rules you gave were invaluable here. (4) Writing Essay score: 12/12 –I used your 4 body paragraph and inclusion of common heroes tips, and I felt that these features made my essay stronger. Thank you for all your help.
Mahendra Varman - In Person SAT Class

Through your class and a 4 point jump in my ACT score, I am into the college of my dreams. And I got more scholarships then I ever dreamed possible- $16,000 a year so far.
Will Gross - Skutt High School, 2010

I took the JBP ACT Prep course twice. The first time the score went from a 27 to 30, then 30 to 32. Hello 5-point-jump club!
Devin Larsen - Burke High School, 2011

My score jumped 4 points! I have a 30 now, and I couldn't be more excited. Thank you so much!!
Frannie Hollinger - Marian High School, 2011

I first took the ACT in December and got a 24. I took your class hoping it would help me get a 27. Not only did I get a 29 on the June ACT (five points!!), I also walked away with confidence and a positive attitude. You helped me see my full potential and realize that the sky is the limit. Now, I'm not settling for anything or anyone.
Jolene Dreier - Skutt High School, 2011

After taking JBP, my score jumped three points from a 24 to a 27. I just wanted to thank you for your help--not just for boosting my score, but also for helping me improve my mental math skills, among other things. Your class really taught me a lot. You're a wonderful and engaging speaker.
David Beile - Millard West High School, 2011